I Am Woman Print

This is Bonnie Blue's Signature piece.

Many years ago Bonnie was asked to make a special retirement gift  for a children's pastor. "I struggled to come up with the right idea for her" she said. She had recently done a version of this painting but did not feel like it was completed. One evening in her studio she gazed upon the painting and  realized it reminded her of the woman that was retiring. "The words to the poem  spilled out of me in a flood of inspiration." She immediately set out to complete the work adding the words of the poem to the canvas.

Bonnie Blue's biggest seller, hundreds of copies of this print have sold to women all over the world who are deeply touched by it's simple message. Bonnie Blue says "This poem was inspired by God. I am only the vessel he has chosen to use. It's a message from God to the heart of a woman."

Available Prints:

 5X7      $  7
8X10     $ 10
11X14   $ 20
16X20   $ 40
20X24   $ 75

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