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Big doings from Bonnie Blue this weekend. She will be the featured artist at the Peanutbutter Warehouse in Galveston's historic Strand District. Bonnie will be debuting some special pieces created in her newest medium Gulf Coast Sand. Come to the Island to celebrate the sun and sand and take home a little bit of Galveston with you to always remind you of the special times.

It's going to be a really great party down at the Peanutbutter warehouse. There will be musical acts performing, door prizes, live art demonstrations, two bars will be serving drinks, and wine and complimentary snacks will be available throughout the building. And Bonnie tells us she will be giving away small pieces of signed art. Fun! And as a special added bonus Bonnie's awesome artcar Zena the Mermaid will be on display.

As I said, this is a big deal for our Bonnie Blue. To be the featured artist at Artwalk is a vindication of many years being overlooked. "This is the work of my hands, my thoughts and my heart. I have been declined from more art shows than I want to admit to, juried shows don't see my work as art for some reason. But it has brought thousands of smiles to countless onlookers and that's enough for me!"

These are some of the pieces Bonnie will have on exhibit at the event.

The event is Saturday March 5, from 6-10. See You on Saturday!

Peanutbutter Warehouse.

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