Bill Murray Rocks!

Houston Caricature Artist Bonnie Blue Painted a Rockin' Caricature of Bill Murray at Maker Faire in Austin Texas on October of 2008In October of 2008 I attended the Makers Faire event in Austin Texas as a vendor and ArtCar exhibitor.  I spent the day selling my custom artwork, my hand painted boots and purses, and other items; while doing my rockin' caricatures on site, while you wait. When I'm setup to do caricatures I lay out samples of my work for people to see.

Towards the end of the day as I had begun to clean up and pack away my samples, I had my back turned when I heard a voice from behind saying  "Can you paint me on a rock!?"  When I turned around the man was looking down at my work so I could not see his face, but his voice sounded familiar. I told him "yes I have time to do one more."  I told him to sit down and when he looked up at me I was shocked to see that I had bill Murray sitting in my booth. I must admit that I was a little star struck and so I very nervously started drawing.

It was probably the worst I have ever done, I know my hand was shaking I was so nervous! But Bill made jokes and silly remarks to put me at ease.  Just as you would expect he was delightful  and  funny.  He. Kept talking both to me and the person he had on his phone at the same time.  He wanted to know what I thought he ought a do that night that would be something "very Texan." He said he was considering "chickenshit bingo." He had me laughing so much I could barely concentrate on my work. When he got up to leave he noticed one of my samples, a rock painted with the face of David letterman. He wanted to buy it to give to him as a present. So David Letterman has a rockin' caricature also.

It was such an honor to get to meet the adorable Bill Murray in person and paint his caricature. I'm proud to know he owns a piece of art by Bonnie Blue.

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