Celebration of Art

Art That Makes U Smile

On Saturday, May 21, Bonnie Blue invites you to her Celebration of Art. The party runs from 5 til 10 pm. There will be Hors D'oeuvres, Wine, Door Prizes and other Surprises including a live band. Bonnie will have Folk Art, Fine Art, Island Art and other goodies on display and for sale. Both of her artcars will be there for you to see. The famous Women that Rocks artcar and the beautiful Zena the Mermaid artcar too. Other artcars will also be there including Amy Lynch Kolflat's fabulous Z-Bra Mobile. Everything will be set up under a large palapa in the host and hostess' back yard. Bonnie wants all of her wonderful friends and fans to be there. And if you have one, bring your artcar. Bonnie will provide special parking for her artcar friends. This is going to be quite a party, you're not going to want to miss it.

Check out these cool Prince Rocks that will be available at the show!

A word about the Host and hostess for the party, Ralph Fellows and Teri O'Shea. Ralph is a retired OSI agent for the Air Force. He now works for the Pasadena school District as a computer IT specialist. Teri is a Forensic Investigator for the Medical Examiner for Harris County. Their friendship with Bonnie Blue spans four decades.

Bonnie has pledged that a portion of the proceeds from this show will go to the Artcar Tile Project to defray the out of pocket expenses of Amy Lynch. "I wanted to have something to do with the Smither Park project,"Bonnie says, "but I couldn't get involved because what I do is paint and they want tile mosaics. So this is a way for me to get involved and be a part of a wonderful, amazing project that I believe in." She is involved in a big way, painting over 100 tiles. And you will too if you make a purchase at this show.

You can read more about the tile project Here.

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